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Appointments are done primarily by phone, Facetime or Hangout, according to client preference. Your pet does not need to be present to do the reading. Send two good pics of the pet or pets' faces, and full body to Clearly list name, sex, age, how long you have owned the pet, as well as any humans or other pets they live with or see regularly. If you have any concerns, list those or be prepared to discuss in the first 5 minutes of the call. Animal Communication is not a psychic appointment. I am actually talking to your pet. What you see as a problem they may care nothing about, or worse, they see it as GREAT. Animal communication is a great way to expand understanding. It is not a substitute for adequate vet care, and should not be used to determine if a vet appointment is necessary.

The Legal Stuff: Disclaimer: Terms and Conditions:
Pet's Eye View and its owners, agents, and employees are not veterinarians or medical professionals of any kind or degree.

Using the services of Pet's Eye View and its employees/owners is for entertainment value and is not a substitute for seeking the advice, opinions and/or treatment of a medical professional for your pet. PEV may decline to provide you with their services even if payment is made in a timely fashion, in which case you will receive a full refund of your payments for which no services were provided.

If you suspect that your animal is ill, injured, dangerous, or having a medical crisis you should seek help from a qualified veterinarian. While you may see physical improvement in your animal, the work Pet's Eye View and its owners, agents, and employees does is emotional and spiritual in nature, not medical.

Your animals, like humans, have free will in regard to their behavior and condition and that the animal's behavior and/or condition may fluctuate or even worsen, despite our sessions. (Again, they are very much like humans in this regard!)This service is provided for entertainment purposes only and no guarantees are implied or stated.