Helping a Semi-Feral Cat Understand His Human Friend’s Move

feral cata communicate with us

Semi-feral animals who get used to eating from our leftovers also miss us when we move. Grayboy was hqppyy to know his old friend had arranged with the new homeowner to feed him.

 I spoke with Karla three times as she prepared to move from her last home. She was very concerned fora feral cat named Gray Boy that she had fed and provided veterinary care for for years. She even tried to take him to a sanctuary, but he was miserable. We worked together and Gray Boy told me he would rather be free than living in the sanctuary. Meanwhile, Karla released her fears and I told her he was confident he would be ok on his normal territory. Karla got the new homeowner to agree to continue feeding him and warming his outdoor house. Gray Boy spent the last two weeks of his time with Karla coming very close to her on the porch and  falling asleep to her singing, which is what he asked me to tell her he loved and would miss.
Kara is an amazing animal communicator and healer. She helped me when my feral, Gray Boy and I were going through a very traumatic time due to a geographical move which would separate us. Her love and compassion as well as her wisdom eased us both, and even created a greater bond between us.  A bond that time, space and distance will never sever. Thank you, Kara.