Rose and Max—Tornado Dogs Tell Their Stories, Release Physical Pain.


Kara is the REAL DEAL. I KNOW she talks to animals, because my pets told her things that she could not have possibly known on her own — including the fact that one of my dogs was recently on an elevator.

As soon as Kara rang the doorbell, Rose, my 13-year-old pit bull, howled her “joy” sounds and yips that she normally reserves for family members — even though she had never met Kara before. Rose immediately went to Kara and sat with her and kissed her. Kara told me that Rose needed a job around the house to feel more important, so I told Rose she could look outside for coyotes and bark. Well, on her next potty trip she did just that — ran right up to the back fence where coyotes come at night — and barked her head off! Rose rarely barks, so it was a real departure from her normal behavior. Rose then looked back at the house to see if I was proud of her. I told her she was such a good girl, and she smiled and wagged and was really happy.

Rose also told Kara that she really loves the house we are in now and doesn’t want to leave it. She also showed Kara scenes of a door blowing off its hinges, things flying around a room, and Rose huddling in a closet, shaking with fear. Well, Rose, Max and I were all in our house during an EF-5 tornado in 2013. The office door blew off its hinges — and we hid in a small closet while things exploded around us. Rose told her she was terrified and wanted to be reassured that things like that would not happen where we are now.

Kara told us that Rose really missed our cat, Maui, who has been missing for several months. They were incredibly close and cuddled all the time. On the other hand, she said that Max didn’t really miss the cat and didn’t really like her, which was also true. Maui would try to play with Max because they were about the same size, but Max didn’t like it and would always walk away.

I told Kara that we were thinking of getting a kitten, and Max told her that was okay, as long as the cat was smaller than him. I guess he really didn’t like being the same size as a cat!

Rose repeatedly came up to Kara, asking for attention and healing. Each time Kara worked on her, she closed her eyes and appeared very happy and relaxed. Eventually, she just fell asleep while Kara worked on her.

I was truly amazed and deeply impressed by Kara’s stunning accuracy, insight, compassion and healing ability with the dogs. She has a true gift, and I will be calling on her again!”