Animal Voices Unleashed, Creating Harmonious Homes

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Animal Communication and Energy Work

Click here to learn more about how as a certified animal communicator, I help people and their animals solve behavioral issues, move blocked energy and even win competitions through a mix of practical knowledge, animal telepathy and energy work, such as EFT for animals and animal chakra clearing. I offer both phone and video readings globally, and in-home visits in the Orange County, California area.

Looking for an animal communicator, or the related term, pet psychic? My animal communication clients come to me wanting to know what their animals think, feel, why they behave a certain way, to address health and behavior issues or to discuss questions of death and dying. Your animals talk to me in words, images, movies, sound and feelings. Together, we listen deeply to your animal and then leverage my knowledge of animal energy healing techniques, dog obedience, animal behaviors and metaphysics to help break bad patterns and promote harmonious living.


I Work With Animals! Help Me Learn How to Promote My Business.

Are you a vet, pet store owner, groomer, pet sitter, dog walker, obedience trainer or rescue worker? If you work with animals, doing good in this world, we want to help you better communicate your mission to the world.

Pet’s Eye View can run low-cost monthly social programs for you and occasional media relations work. Call us for an estimate at 949.282.3506.

We also run VIP Day Workshops to help you create your PR plan and messages. Click here to learn more.