Could a Pet Psychic Help You?

Could a Pet Psychic Help You?

Could Animal Communication Help You Stop a Dog Who Barks Too Much?

My newly adopted Chihuahua, Finn, was once obsessed with climbing our 30-foot hill and barking. I couldn’t get him down. The neighbors complained. It was time to put my animal communication skills to work. Animal Communication is the transference of pictures, words and feelings from pet to person.

I talked with Finn and gave him a new job (Ex: You are NOT a police dog…you are the bed dog). I also worked on his acupressure points and now attach a leash to his collar when he is in the yard. Today, Finn knows that the hill is not his, and there is zero barking.

Better behavior and bonding starts from animals telling their stories. Good animal communicators offer animal behavior knowledge, healing techniques and training suggestions that will help.

Do you have a problem with two animals that don’t get along, a tough end-of-life issue or another concern? When you are stumped, try animal communication.


This post was originally featured in a newsletter for Nature’s Select


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