Use an Animal Communicator to Find a Lost Pet

Use an Animal Communicator to Find a Lost Pet


People ask me all the time if they should use an animal communicator to find a lost pet. Animal communicators can be useful in finding lost pets, but perhaps the best help we can give is in reconnecting the energetic channels between  pets and their people, when both guardian and companion animal are stressed and scared. I hope this happens for today’s client.

I just got off of a Zoom call tracking a medium-sized red and white dog who has been lost in Utah for two weeks. I believe he is still alive, and he clearly wants to be found, as he woke me bolt upright in the middle of the night with images of a river and red rock. All I had been told before the meeting was that he has escaped his harness near an elementary school. I live in Southern California, and have never been to Utah, so I had no idea it has areas of red stone. Luckily, the owners have hired a tracker, and she was on the Zoom call as well. She could verify that there was a river two miles from the school, and that she had been looking near an area I could describe to her. I said he liked balls and she kept finding tennis balls near the area.  She isn’t giving up, and I hope to hear good news soon.

If you are going to use an animal communicator to find a lost pet, time is of the essence. Cats especially become feral rather quickly, and  you want to be able to “see” them close by, or before they are hit by a car or attacked by a predator. I am one of the few communicators I know who does try to track lost animals, as long as I have the time. The reason many avoid it is because it can be tragic. Either we see that an animal is injured or passed away, or, sometimes even more difficult, we can see the animal, but someone has him or her, and isn’t taking it to the vet. It can also be frustrating because they are on the move.

I have had numerous successes with lost pets, such as Remie,  above. Recently, I helped calm a lost dog in Vietnam that I saw in an alleyway between a storefront and ladies’ homes. My all-time favorite so far is getting dogs like a guy whose owners called him Meatball to be very LOUD when I saw him stuck in a hole by a riverbed for three weeks. A fly fisherman eventually found him with a broken leg, back and tail. He recovered and he listened to me telling him to be loud!!! But although an animal communicator CAN find lost pets, you really need to do everything practical that you can.

Try putting pictures on

Post pics and a reward on, in a 10-mile radius of your city.

If it is a missing cat, they can smell their litter for up to a mile away–put it outside

Hang your sweaty, dirty clothes outside for the dogs to smell.

Do not call frantically. Nervous animals are made more nervous by your anxiety. Be calm.

If your animal is a generally skittish one, telling them to be loud and bold in your mind is very important.

A trap is a very good thing

If your dog has been lost in an outdoor area, a tracker and search parties organized swiftly have the best chance of recovery.

Using an animal communicator to find lost pets is a great idea, but you must use it as part of a multi-pronged approach.

I hope your pets are never lost, and if they are, that you are quickly reunited.





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  1. Raquel Mendoza

    Good evening ,
    My cat Midnight has been lost for two weeks And my cousin Claudia who is a friend of you gave me your website. Please contact me as a soon as you possibly can ! Thank you


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