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Animal Communication classes at Orange County’s Temple of Light

Hi! Join me the first and 3rd Tuesday at 7 p.m. at  $20 for non-members, Temple members are free. Package discounts are available! RSVP at We’ll learn how to telepathically talk to pets and wildilfe, learn energy healing and behavioral techniques and more about animal instinct and creating...

Save Lives on National Dog Fighting Day

Today is National Dog Fighting Day! Ask  the Justice Department to pursue more dog fighting. Dog fighting was made a federal crime, but it still exists. Dogs are encouraged to fight until one is severely wounded or killed. There are often bait dogs involved who have their mouths taped shut...

Could a Pet Psychic Help You?

Could Animal Communication Help You Stop a Dog Who Barks Too Much? My newly adopted Chihuahua, Finn, was once obsessed with climbing our 30-foot hill and barking. I couldn’t get him down. The neighbors complained. It was time to put my animal communication skills to work. Animal Communication is the...

Animal Massage Tips

Here is a brief video on simple animal massage techniques for healthy pets, learned from Use caution when considering massage, as there are big contraindications to it, such as fever, infection and some cancers, but if you are certain your animals are healthy, these techniques can help relax and...


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