Understand what your furry friends wants to tell you...

Let an Animal Communication Session Transform Your Pet Relationships!

Watch this video and learn more about how I help you talk to your animal companions, living or deceased!

Who is Kara? - A little something about me...

Hi, I’m Kara, an animal communicator. I use mental telepathy to communicate with pets via word, imagery, sound and feeling.  I have had numerous animals since I was a child. Ever since my adopted stray cat Patches began following me to the bus stop three blocks away and meeting me there precisely at 3:15 every weekday, I knew there was something more to the human/animal connection.

You don't need airy fairy new age talk from an animal communicator. You need the real skinny on who your pet is, what he or she loves,  and how to solve problems, manage new pets or deal with pet illness, loss and death.  With photos you send me, I will unleash your pet's voice and tell his or her story to you, via phone, Google Hangout, FaceTime. I also give you 3-5 practical ways to create a zen den at your home. 

Kara Udziela - Pet Psychic

I am a teacher trainer with Communication with All Life University,   an animal columnist with Radiance and Awakenings magazine. I am trained in EFT, Garcia Innergetics, Reiki, nutrition, and acupressure. I can help you.

If you are still and quiet, you can learn to get messages from your animals. In our sessions I will show you how.


Animals communicate with each other all the time but only have limited options when trying to talk to us. Here are the many ways a session with Kara can help...

Kara & a horse named Anja

Animal Communication - Understand what they want to say...

My animal communication clients come to me wanting to know what their animals think and feel, why they behave a certain way, to address health and behavior issues, or to discuss questions of death and dying. Your animals talk to me in words, images, movies, sound and feelings. More complex issues and health challenges sometimes require deeper energy, like EFT tapping, or chakra work,  but we always start by talking to the animals. 

Muna and Patty

EFT Tapping - Maximize your household harmony potential...

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping, is a combination of talk therapy combined with tapping the Chinese acupressure points for fear, grief, and anger on the head and neck for both human and animal. I talk with each of you--the human and the pet, about a worry, a behavior issue, illness, fear or anxiety, from each of your perspectives, create a script, and work through a 1-hour energy session.  I teach you the sequence of tapping...The immediate results are feelings of relaxation--the long-term results can be life-changing.  See Muna's story... I tapped on her and Patty remotely several times during a competition...

Liberty as a surrogate

Chakra Clearing and Scalar Wave - Align your pet's energy...

I can clear your pet’s chakras and bring his or her energetic body into better alignment. Through a process called Scalar Wave, I can help your companion animal come into better alignment and prepare for emotional or physical health.

Here we have Kara's dog, Liberty acting as a surrogate, as Kara checks the energy and physical well-being of a dog on the other side of the phone.

Communicate with deceased pets

The Other Side - Communicate with lost loved ones...

I believe we always know when it is time, but if you have questions about challenging death and dying situations, I am happy to check in with your animals. They are generally very open to these discussions and are much more accepting of the process than we expect them to be.

Dog lost and found

Lost Animals - Tracking a missing animal

As time allows, I do my best to track lost animals. The fee is the same as a regular communication appointment, but includes one full session and two 15-minute check-ins over the next two weeks.  You need to be doing EVERYTHING practical to find your pet:  tracking all shelters, tons of fliers, knocking on doors for a mile around, leaving litter and dirty clothes out, and posting him on Pawboost and Nextdoor.

Does animal communication work? Sometimes, yes! Sometimes, it at least lets you find the remains, but there are no guarantees. Here is  Remie's story, whom I helped find near a lake...She showed me a white house and a road.

Remie was lost. Animal communication helped me see her nearer the water, with a large white house in the foreground, very near a road. She was found there.


Whenever I work with people and their beloved pets, I give it my all! Here's what they're saying about me...


Kara was SPOT ON! It was crazy! She knew so little about the dogs, but she gave me factual answers about the dogs' lives. It shocked me and it was very emotional and made me feel closer to my pets now...

- Amy


Chidi would fly into these terrifying rages. He would bite down on my hand and refused to let go. Kara found he had a lot of pent up energy and his previous owners taught him biting and scratching was a form of play. I'm so glad Kara was able to help Chidi and me understand each other better and let go of our fears.

- Chidi's Mom

The reading I received was so so so amazing. I've never experienced a reading for an animal before, but the one I received for all three of my fur babies is probably one of the most special gifts I have ever received from the god/theuniverse.

My two German shepherds are turning 11 soon and are at their final stages of life. The fact that I was able to bond with them at such a crucial time is a major blessing. Forever grateful for this experience.

Alora D.

Hacienda Heights, CA

Holy moly!!! I'm not into all this spiritual stuff but my gut kept telling me to follow through with contacting her. If you're contemplating anything like I was just do it. It's SO SO worth it. She's the real deal.

I told her that my dog had anxiety from a visit to the vet 3.5 years ago but wasn't sure why. No other details were told. She then explained IN DETAIL what exactly happened.

My gosh Kara is thorough!! I can't even tell you the amount of things I learned in my 30 min with her. It was freaking unbelievable. I am a TRUE TRUE believer.

Rena R.

Irvine, CA

Kara has an amazingly special gift... Something I could only dream about doing. She's able to tap into animals to feel how they feel physically and emotionally

I was very vague in describing what was going on with them and each time she hit the nail on the head; she's so extremely accurate, it's scary!

Love to you, Kara! And God Bless you!

Danielle T.

Aliso Viejo, CA

I contacted Kara when our 8-month-old puppy was frightened by fireworks and ran away. It was dark, we were at a friend's place and I knew she wouldn’t know where to go. My husband and I were sick with worry and didn’t stop looking till 2 a.m. and then were outside looking again at 5 a.m. I knew that I needed to reach out for help, we were at a lake and she could have run for forever. I messaged Kara early in the morning to see if she could help with lost pets in a last-minute session. I was so relieved and grateful when she responded and was able to fit us in.

I’ve worked with other people who specialize in pet communication and I believe full-heartedly in it. When we talked to Kara she was able to let us know that Remie was alive and well. She was able to tell us information about what was around Remie and give some details about where to look and approximations as to how far away Remie was. This was so much help as we had been looking in the opposite direction. Kara also took the time to tell me other things to be doing and tools to help me find our girl. Long story short we found our girl just over an hour after talking to Kara. I honestly can’t thank her enough, our Remie is our baby and we are so grateful that we found her safe and sound. I would highly recommend having a session with Kara!

Remie's Mom

California, USA

A few weeks before the World Championship, I asked Kara to talk to Patty. Kara nailed her essence, her persona, and gave me very clear instructions on where Patty was in pain. She also told me Patty was perfectly confident in her ability to win big, but she needed me to sit in better balance in the saddle.

I was sill a little skeptical and did not tell my trainer or any friends about what Kara said. But when we went to the World Championships, I hired a vet chiropractor, and within minutes, without me saying a word, she had diagnosed and treated pain in exactly the two areas that Kara was concerned about two weeks previously.

Kara spent the whole weekend on the phone with me and Patty, talking, meditating and using EFT tapping before every class.

I have never felt closer to my animals or more confident that we are all connected. Thank you, Kara.


California, USA


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© 2019 Pet’s Eye View – All Rights Reserved