Animal Communication at The Temple of Light, Orange County

Animal Communication at The Temple of Light, Orange County

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Me and my friend Max enjoying a quiet moment at The Temple of Light Orange County. See us at the next monthly holistic fair, the first Saturday of every month

20 years ago, nobody, least of all me, would have told you that I would be able to connect and understand what animals are thinking, feeling and that they can show me pictures of what they see, and I would have laughed at the idea of a pet psychic, though secretly Dr. Dolittle was my hero. I always loved metaphysics, even as a young girl, but I thought that being psychic was a gift only bestowed on a lucky few. Part of my mission at Pet’s Eye View, is to help people see that we communicate non-verbally with our animal companions every day, and that you too can RE-member, your gift of connecting with all life.

On May 2, I will be speaking at Temple of Light in Irvine, CA about animal communication, pet psychics, the shared emotional space we create in our households, and how telepathy alone is not the answer to most behavior and health situations, although it can shed great light on possible solutions. We will share our experiences with animals and I will show you exercises to help awaken your own ability to communicate.

These monthly fairs are huge fun, with many alternative healing practitioners, pretty jewelry, essential oils, crystals and more on display.  Come have fun with us!

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