Animal Communication Helps Aggressive Dogs

Animal Communication Helps Aggressive Dogs

Can animal communication help aggressive dogs?  Yes, animal communication helps aggressive dogs. Animal communication alone will not stop behaviors learned over years, but it will definitely help you figure out what is going on in your dog’s head. When I combine this modality with energy work, such as Emotional Freedom Technique for Animals, also known as “tapping,” positive visualization, and very likely dog training, animal communication has created wonderful outcomes for many dogs and their people.  Today, I want you to meet Kona, a darling little dog who was charging and biting his owners nearly daily for four years. Aggressive dog? Yes. But was Kona coming from a place of meanness, or evil? No.

Kona showed me terrible images of being hurt, thrown and abused by people in the years before he made it to his loving home. He had some residual spine damage that had gone undetected, but which made him especially protective of his hind end. We worked repeatedly over several weeks on his fears and releasing old trauma, using EFT for animals, visualization, the support of essential oils, strategic massage for getting a scared dog BACK in his body, and changing his job. For more on the importance of the right jobs for your pet, please download my free ebook.  Better yet, scroll down, to hear from Kona’s guardian Katey, about his transformation.

aggressive-dogs-and animal-communication

Kona was once an aggressive dog. He was really charging, snapping and biting out of fear. Now, his owners understand him much better, and have used several techniques to help him be happier.

Here is Kona’s guardian Katey, taking about his old behaviors and how animal communication, and a good trainer, via Zoom, during these pandemic times!,  can help aggressive dogs reform.


Animal communication is definitely a powerful tool in addressing the issues of aggressive dogs. From my perspective, after many years of helping aggressive dogs and their owners, most aggressive dogs are very stressed and worried. Shifting your perspective to one of helping your dog overcome this behavior, versus anger, and taking decisive and compassionate action can keep you and your community safe from your dog, and your dog can reform. To book a session, please visit It usually takes a few energy healing sessions to turn the corner, but starting with a simple animal communication session to get to the root of your dog’s aggressive behaviors is a good start.

Be prepared for homework. Animal communication helps aggressive dogs every day. But it isn’t a magic pill. You live with your dog and you must start to be intentional about the relationship and make changes to reduce his or her triggers. It isn’t easy, because it requires effort, structure, and commitment. If you are already pretty upset with or afraid of your aggressive dog, he picks up on that, and you will have to break that emotional pattern. Animal communication helps aggressive dogs, but I also incorporate EFT for animals and their humans to help you get a fresh start with a dog who you may very well resent at the moment. I will ask you to look at patterns of behavior, your affinity for rules and structure, help you acknowledge your grief and extreme stress over having a dog who is a potential danger to you and others, and more. 

For more information on some of the ways I have helped dogs and even aggressive cats, please check out  And look into things like Relax spray or Tranquil Spray by Dynamite specialty products. Animal communications helps aggressive dogs become docile. The beauty of the transformations is that they become truly happy dogs when they are no longer burdened with trying to protect everything or be on high alert for their own physical safety. You’ve got this! Give me a call. I understand your suffering, and will help you.

Bright Blessings!

Kara and the Pet’s Eye View dog and kitty crew


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