Orange County’s Award-Winning Dogma Pet Portraits Captures Pet Memories

Orange County’s Award-Winning Dogma Pet Portraits Captures Pet Memories


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In a previous post I told the story of my precious soulmate dog, Jayce, and what our 15 years together meant to me. Today, it brings me great joy to spread the word about a unique Orange County, California family business, Dogma Pet Portraits. Dogma is owned by husband and wife team Sylvaine, the business manager, and David, the photographer and creative visionary. Together, they have created a way for you to forever capture the spirit of your soulmate animals.

Dogma Pet Portraits is in Costa Mesa and has been on the OC Hot List for three years running, With the slogan, “Where Unconditional Love Becomes Art,” Dogma’s entire experience is geared toward helping your pet’s personality to truly shine. (Psst: Hurry, Dogma has a hot $95 Mother’s Day Special on RIGHT now—perfect for any dog or cat mom in your life!)

Dogma’s team creates winning imagery because they truly use a pet’s eye view when planning your shoot. Before you ever take a photo, you and your pets will have a design consultation. Everyone visits the studio, with the express purpose of letting the pets get relaxed in the environment.


dogma pet portraits

Dogma Pet

Dogma’s staff and photographer Davis will let your dog or cat decide when to approach them. There is no forced interaction. Once your animal or animals have adjusted to the foyer area and you have had a chance to discuss their personalities and what will happen on the day of the shoot, Dogma’s team will then take your whole family into the actual studio, with the lights and the backdrops and again, let everyone sniff, roam and get used to lights.

Sylvaine says, “We have some people who question why a design consultation is necessary, but like any human, we find that if your pet is already familiar with our surroundings, we are much better able to capture his unique spirit and his role in your family on the day of the shoot.”

You can bring several animals and people to the your session. A few weeks after the shoot you will be invited back to review your portraits and make decisions about whether you want prints, wall canvases or photo books.

Dogma Pet Portraits was inspired by Sylvaine and David’s rescue dog, Roxy.

As passionate supporters of various Orange County shelters and breed-specific rescues, Dogma raises money and donates monthly company time to taking great portraits of adoptable dogs who need a second chance.

Hooray for pets and their people. Thank you, Dogma, for your commitment to the pet/people bond. I would have loved to have you capture my beloved Jayce in his prime.








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