OLD – Animal Communication Testimonials

Helping a Semi-Feral Cat Understand His Human Friend’s Move

Kara is an amazing animal communicator and healer. She helped me when my feral, Gray Boy and I were going through a very traumatic time due to a geographical move which would separate us. Her love and compassion as well as her wisdom eased us both, and even created a greater bond between us. A bond that time, space and distance will never sever. Thank you Kara. ~ Karla LaVoie

Grieving the Loss of Beloved Pets

Michelle came to me to know how the pets are on the other side and to help lessen her grief, which had not lessened much since their passings. Both dogs came forward with big messages for her. We then worked with EFT tapping to release some big grief and set intention for life going forward with her other dog, Petey.