Cats Who Are Peeing Everywhere!


Uno felt better when he knew it was ok to remain the bedroom cat after his fight with a raccoon.


Catcher is full of personality, like most gingers. He wanted to be the outgoing kitchen cat. The intrusion of his housemate into his dominant areas creating some inappropriate marking. Animal communication and EFT helped.

Uno was mostly an outdoor cat. Ginger Catcher, was mostly the kitchen cat, until Uno got in an expensive brawl with a raccoon and became an indoor cat. All of a sudden, in a home where the two cats, who were brought home from the shelter two weeks apart as kittens, were fighting for territory, and peeing in places they shouldn’t.

Thanks for the great reading on Uno and Catcher, and the EFT.  The pissing match appears to have stopped, so I am not cleaning up cat urine or worried we’ll have to give these one of these two up. We have Uno keeping us company in our room at night. He is doing a great job. Things aren’t perfect – but knowing they have different personalities helps us understand and give them their space and make them each feel very important.

Miranda Thomas