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Animal communication readings involve the transference of words, pictures, feelings, sounds and even smells between your pet and me. It is the foundation for any other work you do or that we might do together, as an animal communication reading lights the way to better understanding of your pet’s perspective.

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Liberty is acting as a surrogate as Kara checks the energy and physical well-being of a dog on the other side of the phone.

A typical animal communication reading includes both a conversation and an energetic scan of how your pet is feeling in its own body. I am not a veterinarian. I cannot and will not diagnose your animal, but I can give you a sense of what feels off or slow and what you might need to investigate. Sometimes, behaviors that we label as “acting out,” are really rooted in physical discomfort or illness.

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Book your animal communication reading with Kara online today!


How to Prepare for an Animal Communication Reading

Have your animal communication reading questions ready. Although I can do in-person readings, most readings are done over Zoom, FaceTime, or the phone, with an image of your animal friend in front of me. I will ask you to tell me a brief bit about why we are connecting today, and then get quiet, meditate and connect with your animal for the actual animal communication reading. I will establish a relationship with him or her and discuss who they are, what they see as their role within your household structure and their favorite things. I will then probe into the question at hand.

Emotional Freedom Technique

eft with horse - pet psychicEFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is the combination of knowledge and awareness of the acupressure points on the human and animal bodies and cognitive behavioral awareness to shift painful physical and emotional situations. Animal communication readings open the door for potential positive changes.

Example uses of EFT for Animals in combination with an animal communication reading include horses or dogs or cats who are in competitions, dogs who are aggressive or fearful, or the fantastic case of Ellie, a bull terrier in love with her male owner and his wife.

pet eft services orange countyWhen the husband unfortunately contracted cancer, Ellie was the first to detect it, even before the doctors did. During his treatment, Ellie stopped being the happy, ball-crazy dog who used to snuggle with his wife every morning as she drank her coffee, and instead, obsessively followed the husband around the home and into the bathroom. She slept on top of him and made life generally uncomfortable.

In talking with Ellie during the animal communication reading, Kara discovered that she really did see her role as a caretaking one. She did not want to be asked to leave her owner’s side. With some gentle nudging, we suggested that she could have two jobs and remember her fun self as well, to provide the house some comic relief. For more about best jobs for your beloved companions, please check out this ebook.

Additionally, we tapped on her attachment to her guardian and her ability to sleep next to him, but not on TOP of him every minute. My clients continued to tap for two weeks. Ellie began to sit and have morning coffee with the wife again, play ball and give Jeff a chance to move.

Death and Dying

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Do you have a difficult decision to make regarding your beloved friend? I believe we always know when it is time, but if you have questions about challenging death and dying situations, I am happy to check in with your animals with either a regular animal communication reading during their life or just after they have passed away or, if you are experiencing deep grief, I can do a grief-focused  animal communication reading, designed to both talk to your pet and help you recover. They are generally very open to these discussions and are much more accepting of the process than we expect them to be.

Chakra Clearing

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I can clear your pet’s chakras and bring his or her energetic body into better alignment. Through a process called Scalar Wave, I can help your companion animal come into better alignment and prepare for emotional or physical health.

Lost Animals

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At this time, I take lost animal cases on a case by case basis as time allows. I highly suggest leaving dirty cat litter boxes outside, and sweaty lived-in clothes, and actually TALKING to neighbors in a 1-mile radius. Pawboost and Nextdoor are great resources, and 1,000 flyers pasted everywhere, plus calling your local shelter.

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